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About Voyager Sitter

Voyager Sitter, Vsitter in short, is founded by a group of post-90s who are passionate about travelling and data science. Due to the hustle and bustle of life in Hong Kong, rarely do we have time or energy to plan special trips to pamper ourselves and this is exactly why we have created Vsitter, to babysit voyagers.

Is Vsitter a travel planner for visiting Hong Kong only?

Currently, Vsitter is only available in Hong Kong. It will be expanding to different countries when we gather more love from travellers around the world. Leave your email, we will let your know once we expand to your next destination.

What are the definitions of the travel preference parameters?

Relax - Adventurous
Slide towards relax if you prefer spending the day lying on the beach at a resort to adventurous activities such as snowboarding and skydiving.

Kids - Adult
Slide towards kids if you are traveling with young kids. If you are not traveling with kids, slide towards adult. (Of course, you're welcomed to slide towards kids if you or your travel companion still feel like a child.)

Countryside - City
Slide towards countryside if you enjoy activities in the rural areas over the urban area.

Eye on the Past - Eye on the Future
Slide towards Eye on the Past if you are looking for more cultural and historical attractions. There are a lot of trendy places in Hong Kong as well if you have an eye on the future.

Intellectual - Active
Slide towards intellectual if you like visiting the museums over amusement parks.

Budget Shopping - Luxurious Shopping
Hong Kong is known as a shopping heaven. Tell us your shopping budget for the trip.

How will my data be used?

We are concerned about how data is being utilized as much as you do. Your data will only be used for our product development and future marketing purpose so that you receive better service.

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